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  1. Release 3.4.14 Phoenix Fixed an issue whereby if a VA deleted an airport a user was currently located at, the user would be unable to use vAMSYS for that airline until they were "rescued" by an automated job. This process is now immediate. Fixed an issue whereby if a VA removed a pilot, and the user was currently logged in to that airline, they would be unable to use vAMSYS until their session expired. Pegasus ACARS API Fixed an issue whereby if a user was flying on PilotEdge, clicking on that user on the Pegasus map would cause Pegasus to
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  2. Release 3.4.12 Orwell Added the "Discord Management" permission. Hydra API (Closed Alpha) Added the statistics endpoint. Added the user permissions endpoint. Please note all changes in this release relate to the Hydra closed alpha. It is not possible to express interest in or participate in this yet.
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  3. Hi George, https://vamsys.io/pireps/1339669 (vRYR) the time on the system does appear correct, however on pegasus it didn't display correctly. i'll try to 'break' pregasus again and see if i have any luck, i'll let you know. Adam
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