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  1. Hi Luca, You can merge them. Navigate to your settings once you login to one of your accounts to start the process.
  2. Hi, You need to start tracking in Pegasus.
  3. This is not FAQ Material. Moved to more appropriate forum. Report issues to your VA - they will escalate if needed.
  4. vAMSYS 3.9.1 Bugfix release for 3.9.0. VDS [Fix] Max Container Values not saving in aircraft [Fix] Max Container Values not showing [Fix] Missing/Incorrect null check when creating a route in VDS, causing it to fail in some circumstances. [Fix] Remove mandatory field from container notes when editing. Orwell [Fix] Exporters failing due to being unable to look up load factor name, if one does not exist [Fix] Importers failing due to malformed explode() statement [Fix] Pair/Route importers getting stuck due to erroneous container code [Fix] Removed gender-specific pronouns from descriptions of settings. (VAM-131) [Improvement] Changes to Orwell navigation structure for clarity. [Improvement] Removed the smartCARS download link from Airline Management. [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby events were always created as focus airports, even when the Focus Airport option was not selected. Vulcan [Fix] Fixed an issue which meant that holiday entitlements for pilots were never reset. [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby route maps were not always drawn with the correct route, or any route at all. [Improvement] General code quality enhancements.
  5. vAMSYS 3.9.0 Our last planned minor release of v3. Bugfixes will continue, but we have no further plans to implement new features to v3 The biggest change is the Advanced Cargo System (ACS) - you can find out more about it here: Orwell [Improvement] Importers for the ACS [New] VDS Options to enable ACS [New] Display booked cargo in PIREP review VDS [New] Load Factors page to specify LF for cargo operators [New] Containers page to specify cargo for cargo operators [Improvement] Additions to Aircraft, Airport, Route and Pair pages; create and edit modals to add ACS functionality Phoenix [Improvement] Refactored the dispatch page code [New] Functionality for ACS in dispatch [Improvement] No PAX field for cargo operations not using ACS [New] Display booked cargo in PIREP View
  6. How to enable Advanced Cargo System? Advanced Cargo System has 2 'enable' switches. Both are located in Orwell -> Management -> VDS Settings and should be visible to all staff with appropriate access. The switches are located in 'Advanced VDS Settings' section: Show Advanced Cargo Options - enables visibility of settings for staff to set up ACS. It does not activate in Phoenix and is invisible to pilots. This is the switch you should turn on if you want to set up ACS. If you are not interested - this switch should remain off, as you might get confused by additional options which do not apply to you. Enable Advanced Cargo Booking - This switch must only be enabled after you finished the configuration of ACS as per this forum post. Once enabled, pilots will get to experience the ACS. Please note - existing bookings will not be affected. It will only apply to new bookings. How to configure Advanced Cargo System? All steps listed are MANDATORY and must be fully complete for ACS to work. Ensure your cargo aircraft (ones which do not carry passengers) are in their own 'Aircraft Type'. This is done via VDS -> Management -> Aircraft. If you have a mixed fleet list (for example B747 passenger and freighter versions in one type, move the freighters to a new type using 'Add Aircraft Type' button. Give it a different name) Assign Fleet Type to your cargo fleets. This is done via VDS -> Management -> Aircraft only. Expand fleet list of your cargo fleet and click 'Edit Aircraft Type'. In the window which opens, change the Fleet Type from PAX Only to Cargo Only. Be sure to repeat it for all your cargo types. Double-check and insert 'Max Cargo' and 'Max Container Units' for each of your cargo aircraft. This is done via VDS -> Management -> Aircraft or importers. For VDS -> Expand your cargo fleet list and click Edit on each aircraft. Max Cargo is the maximum value in kilograms only (no grams - i.e. full numbers -> 1500 is correct, 1.5 is not). Max Container Units is a new entry. In positive integer only (1, 50, 1000 etc. 50.59 is incorrect) specify maximum available volume in aircraft. We leave up to you how to come up with the value. You can insert maximum number of ULDs aircraft can carry and call it a day. However, for maximum utilization and save you some headache later on when you want to create a pallet loads etc, try coming up with available floorspace and then construct your containers appropriately. Repeat for all cargo aircraft. If you choose to use the importer to edit these numbers, please follow the importer documentation. Create Load Factor Presets You must create at least one Load Factor Preset and declare it to be the Default This is done via VDS -> Management -> Load Factors Please check the note on the Load Factors page and create as many presets as you want. Please use unique names - they are not visible for pilots. All fields are required when creating Load Factor. Load Factor presets allow you to limit how much cargo can be carried on a route, pair or from airport. This is particularly useful if you want to implement a limit on very long routes, where full load is not possible or to better simulate thinner routes. Customize Load Factor assignments. This can be done via VDS. As mentioned - Load factors can be assigned on an airport level, pair level and route level. If no overrides are made, the Default will be used. The order of override is as follows - route -> pair -> airport -> system default. If you choose to use the importer, please follow the importer documentation. Create Containers This done in VDS -> Management -> Containers. Check the note on the page and create as many as you want. All the fields, except notes, are required to create container. Assign Containers This is done in VDS. Containers can be assigned on an airport, pair or route level, depending on your desires. The order of override is as follows - route -> pair -> airport. Enable Advanced Cargo Booking switch in Orwell -> Management -> VDS Settings.
  7. vAMSYS 3.9.0 should be the last minor v3 release adding new functionality. 3.9.0 introduces long awaited and much requested advanced cargo system. Our huge thanks goes to the team at Cargolux Virtual for their request and their help in fleshing out the feature. We consider Advance Cargo System feature complete from v3 standpoint. There might be some bug-fixes and minor changes, but we consider it to be a good start. The system will be expanded in v4 and some of the functionality will be made available for PAX airlines as well. We have posted a detailed article about what the system is, how to enable said system and configure it. Please be sure to follow it meticulously if you are interested. Please continue to report bugs via the usual channels. If you are a VA pilot, please escalate bugs via your VA. If you are VA staff, please report any issues to vAMSYS Customer Services. Thanks for flying vAMSYS!
  8. What is Advanced Cargo System? Advanced Cargo System (ACS for short further down in this post) is our implementation of more detailed cargo loading for cargo airlines. It allows VAs to set up 'container types' detailing what is being loaded (pineapples, engine parts or whatever else may be). This provides greater immersion for the pilot - they pick what cargo they want to carry as well as how much.
  9. vAMSYS 3.8.7 Phoenix [Fix] Graphical issue on drawing maps when VA provided route is 'DCT' (VAM-112) [Change] WARJ airport ICAO changed to WAHH (VAM-120) [Fix] Changes to marker drawing when 'Limit base jump to bases' is active (VAM-121) VDS [Fix] Language fixes [Fix] Saving default airport stand group would not propagate correctly down the line (VAM-123) Vulcan [Improvement] Better dispatching of statistic generation jobs for json (VAM-122)
  10. Hi! Soundpacks are configured by the Virtual Airline using Orwell -> Management -> Pegasus Sounds. To enable them, or set up a custom soundpack, as a pilot - login to Pegasus, navigate to settings. In the 'Sounds' section, you can enable announcements set up by the VA, or set up your own - be sure to follow the 'Custom Soundpack Guide' provided if you go down that route.
  11. vAMSYS 3.8.5 Phoenix: [Fix] Fixed URL to the forums for the description of Account Merge feature. [Improvement] Added error message when user tries to merge account with himself. [Fix] Fixed an issue causing inability to delete bookings, throwing a message saying 'Booking Not Found'. [Improvement] Reworded yellow notification when viewing a PIREP which is pending review. It no longer asks for a comment to be left if the PIREP does not require one. [Improvement] VAM-94 Pilots will no longer be able to delete bookings when we detected Position Report (tracking) activity in the last 60 seconds. [Improvement] VAM-87 Dispatch page now allows 1 character callsigns and flight numbers - for example VAM1 and VA1 [Improvement] VAM-86, VAM-77 Dashboard Current Flight List now shows when was the last time list was updated. [Fix] VAM-98 Fixed an issue preventing viewing of PIREP list if departure/arrival airport no longer exists. [Fix] VAM-100 Removed erroneous 'z' time indicator in PIREP Comments - they are shown in local time. [Fix] VAM-102 Simbrief Dispatch will use 2 letter airline code (based on flight nubmer) when dispatching. Callsign will remain the same and use 3 letter airline code. [Improvement] Link this forum to version number in footers. VDS: [Fix] VAM-97 Fixed an issue in VDS where when editing inbound pair, the callsign parameter and aircraft type field was not formatted correctly. Orwell: [Fix] Fixed the links to 5 recept pireps in the PIREP Review page. [Fix] VAM-91 Fixed a code issue related to Pilot Sharing agreements. Invite would be created in the system, but email notification would not be sent. [Improvement] VAM-86, VAM-77 Dashboard Current Flight List now shows when was the last time list was updated. [Improvement] VAM-90 Slight rewording of Callsign Request Accepted/Rejected emails. It no longer implies it was you who requested the callsign addition; emails now also specify which Virtual Airline the request was for. [Improvement] VAM-96 Slight rewarding of Transfer Flight option in Airline Options to make it easier to understand. If enabled, pilots will be able to book transfer flights to destinations where they are able to jumpseat. [Fix] Jumpseats can now actually be disabled if so desired - the option in Airline Options now has an effect. If you desire to disable jumpseats, consider enabling transfer flights. If not - ensure you also disable Base Jumpseats, as otherwise red markers will be shown on the map with nothing to do once selected. Jumpseat Anywhere is a standalone function and works independently of the general jumpseat. Vulcan: [Improvement] Prevent users merging account with same account (cat should not be able to eat itself from the tail up). [Change] Split database reads between 2 servers for Position Reports and PIREPs. [Fix] Fixed a code error where weather data was not returned to Phoenix. [Fix] VAM-93 Fixed a code error which made initial pilot activity requirements to not work at all. [Fix] VAM-95 Fixed a code error in the function used to provision pairs and routes from new to live. First existing booking will no longer be removed - only the future ones (if any). [Fix] VAM-92 Flights with Friends point award will now be based on departure and arrival airport, not if exact same route has been booked. Shared cockpit flights still require same pair and route (not routing) to be booked. [Improvement] VAM-86, VAM-77 Moved flight list generation to a recurring job - it is no longer generated on the fly. Flight lists are now generated every minute instead of every 5 - this will be monitored and moved back to 5 minutes if negative performance implications are observed. [Fix] VAM-101 Fixed a code issue used to determine taxi in/out times when there has been a pause. It is now counted correctly.
  12. Account merge feature is intended to be used by pilots who have multiple user accounts. For example, I have 2 user accounts - one under a@domain.com, second - b@domain.com. User a@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0002, ABC1249. User b@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0004, DEF1587. Instead of maintaining 2 accounts and 2 logins, I can opt to merge them into 1 login under same email. How to merge 2 User Accounts? Login using your 'main' account - main account is the one you wish to retain - in my example, it is a@domain.com. Navigate to My Settings -> Merge User Accounts Section Enter email address of the secondary account - this account will be merged into main account and will stop existing. In my example, I will put b@domain.com Click 'Submit Merge Request' Login to the email of the secondary account (b@domain.com) and approve the merge. vAMSYS will merge the two accounts in under an hour. How does the Merge combine pilot accounts? Depending on Virtual Airline Settings, few things may happen: If you have 2 Pilot Accounts - 1 for each User (VAM0002 and VAM0004 in my example): If VA has 'Pilot Merge - Discard Previous Data' enabled: All data from VAM0004 will be discarded; VAM0002 will remain. If VA has 'Pilot Merge - Discard Previous Data' disabled: All data (bookings, PIREPs, Comments etc.) will be transferred from VAM0004 to to VAM0002 and VAM0004 will be deleted. If your 2 user accounts do not share pilot accounts with same VA: Pilot account will be moved from one user, to the other. In my example - DEF1587 will move from user a@domain.com to b@domain.com. At the end of the merge, using the example above, I will no longer be able to login using b@domain.com - that user will be deleted. My user a@domain.com will contain pilot accounts for VAM0002, ABC1249 and DEF1587. Can Virtual Airline Merge the accounts for me? No, Virtual Airline Staff do not have the ability to combine your user accounts. They can, however, merge pilot accounts which belong to their VA between two users. To do that, VA Staff with prerequisite permissions need to navigate to Orwell -> Pilots -> Merge Accounts and follow the instructions there.
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