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READ ME FIRST: I've found a bug!

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I've found a bug! How do I report it?

vAMSYS relies on bug reports mainly from VA management to get things on our radar and scoped out for a fix - but VAs don't always make it easy to report bugs, or feed them back to us.

If you have found a bug in any vAMSYS operated service (this therefore does not include third party services such as a VA website or smartCARS), please report it in a new thread here following the steps below.

  1. Make sure to search this forum for similar bugs reported already. If the bug hasn't already been seen by our developers, comment on it to add weight and say you're also experiencing this issue. It's more likely to be seen and prioritised whereas a duplicate report will just be closed immediately.
  2. Provide a descriptive title which describes the bug in no more than 10 words.
  3. In the content of the topic, include at a minimum:
    1. A detailed description of the bug. Do you have screenshots?
    2. Which VA is this applicable to? Does it apply to all virtual airlines on vAMSYS you are part of?
    3. Steps to reproduce the bug. What page does it happen on? What VA are you logged into? What permissions do you have?
    4. Is the bug stopping you from doing anything? If so, what's the impact?

We'll then triage the bug, try and reproduce it and if we find a bug we'll raise it in our internal tracking system and tell you the reference (it'll start with T followed by a few numbers).

That's it! Thanks for helping make vAMSYS better for everyone.

VA owners, please continue to report bugs via the helpdesk as usual.

I've read the instructions, let me report a bug.

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