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  1. Please send us a support ticket with more info https://help.vamsys.co.uk
  2. No, pilots can only book onto aircraft and routes that you have configured. There isnt an option for pilots to book and fly whatever they want. If it's something you would like us to consider adding, then please post it on our ideas page. Details are on your Orwell dashboard
  3. You have ticket the option "Hide Staff - Hides the Member of Staff from Staff List" In your staff settings. From orwell, management, staff settings, click the member of staff, other settings and untick the hide staff option if you want to be displayed
  4. I'll make it easy for you, your VA was deleted a few moments after you created it as you were attempting to register a restricted callsign. You would have seen an error message when you tried to use the correct callsign. We pride ourselves on our support network but we do expect people to read through the significant amount of documentation that is supplied to VA owners on registration before asking questions. The answer to your question wasn't as simple as "it's here" because there is about 25 steps to complete to configure your VA before you can start adding routes, which is why Chris pointed you back to the checklist.
  5. Please follow the new VA checklist that was emailed to you, and is on our knowledgebase. You need to create airports in your VA before you can set a location.
  6. Please ask questions once and wait for a reply. We will deal with this via your support ticket as we believe you have missed some important parts of the checklist
  7. I believe this has been answered by support ticket, but for any other readers, as previously mentioned the API does not expose the IVAO or VATSIM IDs of pilots
  8. As per my comment above, you need to send us a support ticket to request access to the API with a link to your privacy policy and your use case. We will not provide access to the API for IVAO registration as we believe publishing a public pilot roster is against GDPR and DPA (both laws that we are governed by). IVAO also recently removed this requirement.
  9. Neither. Follow the instructions in the nickname changes channel. Name - VAID - Role
  10. In the vamsys server? There have been no new messages in the last hour...
  11. Post in the normal help channel with your VA ID asking to change to an owner and we'll sort it. There's nothing outstanding in the nickname changes channel
  12. On your Orwell dashboard below the stats and the v5 announcement, there's a section called "Your Links, Information and Support". In that box there are links to various things including our helpdesk. If you're in the discord server it's also listed in the support-faq channel
  13. You can view our support links in the Orwell dashboard. You need to be staff in the VA with Orwell access before we can transfer ownership to you. If you don't already have it, the you will need to ask the current owner to get you setup first. Once you're the owner you can join the discord and follow the instructions to get owner permissions. If you're already a member of the discord server, pop a message in the help channel and we'll change your role.
  14. Both the existing and new owners need to send us a support ticket confirming the details and we will process the change.
  15. As I said in my first reply, check your account permissions. >The most common step people miss when trying to use VDS is step 2 in the second half of the checklist; assigning permissions. And I reminded you again in my next reply >I would remind you to check your permissions also... You haven't given yourself any permissions in Orwell, management, staff and you can't administer anything in VDS until you do. Once you've set your permissions you'll see the options to add aircraft, airports, pairs and routes in vds
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