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  4. Thank you! Could manage it in the meanwhile. I somehow struggle with discord. But I improve my abilities day by day.
  5. Release 3.4.14 Phoenix Fixed an issue whereby if a VA deleted an airport a user was currently located at, the user would be unable to use vAMSYS for that airline until they were "rescued" by an automated job. This process is now immediate. Fixed an issue whereby if a VA removed a pilot, and the user was currently logged in to that airline, they would be unable to use vAMSYS until their session expired. Pegasus ACARS API Fixed an issue whereby if a user was flying on PilotEdge, clicking on that user on the Pegasus map would cause Pegasus to
  6. Hey @Adam Parnell Has the initial dispatch been done using SimBrief?
  7. Hi @Bernhard Brandl I think it's quite clear when it comes to vAMSYS NOTAMs Discord. This is what you see when you join: This is #nickname-changes chat where you post:
  8. Release 3.4.13 Orwell: VA Owners can now manage pilot sharing agreements via Orwell->Management->Pilot Sharing Agreements. No more exchange of DMs needed for this Option to enable advanced SimBrief fleet options in Orwell->Management->Airline Options->Misc Option to enable advanced stand system in Orwell->Management->Airline Options->Misc VDS: Changes to show/hide advanced fleet options as needed Changes to show/hide stands subsystem as needed Phoenix: Rework dispatch
  9. Release 3.4.12 Orwell Added the "Discord Management" permission. Hydra API (Closed Alpha) Added the statistics endpoint. Added the user permissions endpoint. Please note all changes in this release relate to the Hydra closed alpha. It is not possible to express interest in or participate in this yet.
  10. I wanted to join your discord server. in the welcome section I was asked to change my nickname. I could not find a hint where I can rename ist for this server. When I followed the invitation my ID was copied from my account at Virtual Austrian. When I tip on that name, it only tells me that it is an copied ID. I searched for hints on several websites, but could't get a glue. Can anybody help me?
  11. good morning, When you've dispatched a flight and click on the simbrief briefing link, it fails to load, remove the extra? from the end of the URL and it appears. Seems to be a problem on all the VAs using VAMSYS
  12. Release 3.4.11 Phoenix Fixed an issue where the "May we please have your network IDs?" modal did not populate any IDs that were already entered, despite this information being available. The "May we please have your network IDs?" modal no longer appears if the user already has both a VATSIM and IVAO ID entered. Network Connectivity Service (Beta) Fixed an issue whereby network connectivity tasks would occasionally timeout if there was a large amount of data to be processed. Fixed an issue whereby network connectivity tasks were
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  14. Please check with your virtual airline.
  15. Hey Guys ! I hope that you enjoy your weekend. But I have a question are there soundpacks to download for Tuifly Deutschland (Germany), Tui Belgium and Tui Netherlands etc.? Thanks for your answers enjoy your day ! Best Regards Marc
  16. Hello, I do not understand why when I enter the lines of my company, the planes do not appear during the reservation while my planes are available in "Aircraft" thank you in advance
  17. I'm very sorry to read that you did not actually read my reply, took any of it in and are instead continuing to engage in a bad faith argument. Which is a shame - we could have had a discussion. Pending an email, all the slimey details of your account will be deleted with us. But. For the benefit of others and not Adrian - as they say, do not feed the trolls, and he already wants us to dispatch of him, nor will he read: I got nothing to reply to his diatribe about how pilots only fly because they want to fly and VAs should not dare to restrict what pilots fly. Cargo VAs should n
  18. I am not sure whether you wish for your forum account to be deleted or your entire vAMSYS account. Please submit data protection requests to hello@vamsys.co.uk.
  19. My suggestion is to remove from the coding of the system this function which uses the "title" string as identification with the purpose to accept or reject a pirep. Try to put yourself also in these two positions: * on one hand in the position of both the founders and administrators of virtual airlines - why do they invest their time and energy in managing a virtual airline? Probably because they sympathize the real counterpart and have a passion for aviation, a passion wanted to share with other people who sympathize the same real airline represented in the virtual skies. So is not
  20. I know it is likely not the desired effect but your feedback is not particularly helpful and is far from constructive. What is your suggested improvement to the platform?
  21. The system is designed to read the "title=[...]" string in the aircraft.cfg file to identify the aircraft. This is a totally superficial way of identifying what a user is flying that guarantees absolutely zero, guarantees totally nothing. Absolutely unreliable. Because in the "title=[...]" string is possible to write anything that one wants, in this case, is possible to put anything that VAMSYS recognizes and actually fly a totally different aircraft. It guarantees zero. It only creates problems when it comes to pirep validation (and so frustration for the pilots which eventually leads them to
  22. You may wish to read this article which explains our role as a service provider and not a VA.
  23. Hi, You clearly have this very wrong. Have you read the description each Virtual Airline has in their Points manual? Probably not - let me help you: So, allow me to correct some of the somewhat inflammatory and incorrect language you used: 1. vAMSYS does not deem liveries acceptable. Virtual Airlines do. 2. vAMSYS does not reject your flights - Virtual Airlines do according to their rules. Reason why liveries are recorded and checked is to ensure some cowboy does not book B737 and fly a concorde. If you booked the right type, flew the right type - even if
  24. Hi Adrian, That's a big call from someone who I don't think is even really familiar with the system. Nonetheless, if you care to expand, we will gladly listen.
  25. This entire vAMSYS system is very badly programmed and very superficially designed. Adrian
  26. What is the URL of the page where is possible to see the list of liveries that the vAMSYS system considers as "approved"?
  27. Hi Peter, This has been fixed in the latest release. George
  28. For some reason the destination map is not loading. Can see the poinpoints but not the map?
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