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  4. We accept the following payment methods: Visa Mastercard American Express Discover (including Diners Club) China UnionPay JCB Cartes Bancaires Interac We do not accept PayPal.
  5. What payment methods are accepted by vAMSYS? Do you accept PayPal?
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  7. Sorry Folks, finally I found the answer myself: There is simply nothing to install - ist just works!
  8. Hello everyone. I’m new to vRyr. Where do I find a guide about setting up the pegasus Acars system? regards Frank
  9. Hi Alexander, I will raise a ticket in our system for this so we can get some information off you and keep it tracked through to resolution. Please look out for an email from us. Best George
  10. Dear Gents, we have noticed at CondorVirtual, that only 50% of flights are correctly tracked. Example on my rotation MUC-FNC-MUC with the same setup. Could you please review this error?
  11. vAMSYS 3.8.6 This version adds initial, limited support for imperial units of cosmetic nature. Our thanks to Mike and his team over at NKS for their help. What is new: Phoenix Pilots can, in their settings, enable imperial unit conversion. Orwell VA Owners and Staff with appropriate access can set a default for new pilots to default to imperial units With the exception of the flight log, all weights will now appear in lb and not kg on Phoenix, with a conversion ratio of 2.205 applied to all metric weights. LB instead of KG
  12. Hi! Soundpacks are configured by the Virtual Airline using Orwell -> Management -> Pegasus Sounds. To enable them, or set up a custom soundpack, as a pilot - login to Pegasus, navigate to settings. In the 'Sounds' section, you can enable announcements set up by the VA, or set up your own - be sure to follow the 'Custom Soundpack Guide' provided if you go down that route.
  13. When I use the vAMSYS I do not hear any sound where do I get the sounds? Thank you for your cooperation [Staff] Edited the ungodly formatting.
  14. vAMSYS 3.8.5 Phoenix: [Fix] Fixed URL to the forums for the description of Account Merge feature. [Improvement] Added error message when user tries to merge account with himself. [Fix] Fixed an issue causing inability to delete bookings, throwing a message saying 'Booking Not Found'. [Improvement] Reworded yellow notification when viewing a PIREP which is pending review. It no longer asks for a comment to be left if the PIREP does not require one. [Improvement] VAM-94 Pilots will no longer be able to delete bookings when we det
  15. Account merge feature is intended to be used by pilots who have multiple user accounts. For example, I have 2 user accounts - one under a@domain.com, second - b@domain.com. User a@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0002, ABC1249. User b@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0004, DEF1587. Instead of maintaining 2 accounts and 2 logins, I can opt to merge them into 1 login under same email. How to merge 2 User Accounts? Login using your 'main' account - main account is the one you wish to retain - in my example, it is a@domain.com. Navigate to My Settings ->
  16. If you are denied registration for a particular VA, you need to contact the VA in question.
  17. Olaf, though not a member of staff, I believe the reason it's because the ICAO code for Cargolux is already being used by another VA using VAMSYS. The platform has a policy of only allowing one VA per ICAO code. - MA
  18. Hi, I just wan`t to register to Cargoluxe but I got every single time a "diened" message. Could you tell me why and jow to fix it? Brgds, Olaf
  19. Further to our communication in 2020 on Pegasus release, we are now announcing end of life for smartCARS support. As of 22nd April, we will render no support for PIREPs filed using smartCARS. Previous PIREPS filed using smartCARS will remain open-able at least until vAMSYS v4 and will retain scoring/processing support until 22nd April. Past this date, we will offer no ongoing smartCARS support. If you have not already – it is now definitely the time to upgrade to Pegasus – our in-house tracker. If you have Issues with Pegasus, you can report them using the support links in Peg
  20. During our Christmas Message posted at Discord last year, we announced our intent to stop active v3 development and focus our efforts on v4 at the start of 2021. But we found ourselves not quite done yet and you have offered us some amazing suggestions, which we worked to implement in v3, pushing away our intended end of active development date to the point where most of you probably do not even remember we announced in the first place. As of 22nd April, we are stopping active development of v3 and refocusing our efforts to vAMSYS v4. Be not afraid – v3 is not being forgotten – it w
  21. vAMSYS 3.8.4 Aircraft type filtering is back! Phoenix: [Feature] Aircraft Type filter in Flight Centre -> Book Flight [Feature] Aircraft Type filter in Flight Centre -> Destination Map
  22. vAMSYS 3.8.3 Phoenix [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to view custom pages under the "Resources" header. (VAM-83) [Refactor] Removed 'Global Register' facility - it is no longer possible to register for account under vamsys.io/register. All pilot registrations need to happen via VA register links (VAM-80) Orwell [Fix] Wrong URL in the link for Login Page on Orwell Dashboard (VAM-82) [Improvement] Attempts to create events with wrong setup of arrival/departure airports for certain types of events (Focus AIrport/O
  23. vAMSYS 3.8.2 Vulcan: [Fix][VAM-56] Internal reporting issue by trying to load a file on certain endpoints Phoenix: [Fix][VAM-79] Removed broken Report a Bug link [Fix][VAM-59] Flight Map should now correctly center over active flights - no matter where in the world they are [Change] Increased max boundaries on flight map
  24. vAMSYS 3.8.1 This is internal change to accommodate new server structure and there are no visible changes to any users.
  25. vAMSYS 3.8.0 introduces no radical new features - instead, this release cycle, we have given a bit of TLC to some old functionality that could be improved (or in some cases, didn't work properly). The biggest change in this release is that we have completely rewritten Alert Management in Orwell - from the ground up. This change brings it in line with other modern components of the vAMSYS system - it's now a Vue component, which in simple terms means it is much easier to navigate and use, and removes the need for lengthy page refreshes when information is modified. We have also remove
  26. vAMSYS 3.8.0 added the functionality to allow the "force airline" parameter. This allows any request to vAMSYS to have an optional parameter appended to the URL which will force the session to fall under your VA before further page logic is processed. How do I add this to my links? Take a simple link - for example, https://vamsys.io/resources/mycustompage. Ordinarily, this would result in a 404 if a user accessed it via any airline other than yours, which could cause confusion among your pilots, especially if they are a member of multiple VAs. Not to worry though - we just need
  27. I want to link to pages on vAMSYS under my airline (for example, the notices page, or a resource I have created in the Page Editor) however it causes errors or does not work if my pilots do not have my airline selected before they navigate to the link! What is the correct way for me to link to pages on vAMSYS so that it works reliably?
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