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  1. Release 3.4.14 Phoenix Fixed an issue whereby if a VA deleted an airport a user was currently located at, the user would be unable to use vAMSYS for that airline until they were "rescued" by an automated job. This process is now immediate. Fixed an issue whereby if a VA removed a pilot, and the user was currently logged in to that airline, they would be unable to use vAMSYS until their session expired. Pegasus ACARS API Fixed an issue whereby if a user was flying on PilotEdge, clicking on that user on the Pegasus map would cause Pegasus to
  2. Release 3.4.12 Orwell Added the "Discord Management" permission. Hydra API (Closed Alpha) Added the statistics endpoint. Added the user permissions endpoint. Please note all changes in this release relate to the Hydra closed alpha. It is not possible to express interest in or participate in this yet.
  3. Release 3.4.11 Phoenix Fixed an issue where the "May we please have your network IDs?" modal did not populate any IDs that were already entered, despite this information being available. The "May we please have your network IDs?" modal no longer appears if the user already has both a VATSIM and IVAO ID entered. Network Connectivity Service (Beta) Fixed an issue whereby network connectivity tasks would occasionally timeout if there was a large amount of data to be processed. Fixed an issue whereby network connectivity tasks were
  4. I am not sure whether you wish for your forum account to be deleted or your entire vAMSYS account. Please submit data protection requests to hello@vamsys.co.uk.
  5. I know it is likely not the desired effect but your feedback is not particularly helpful and is far from constructive. What is your suggested improvement to the platform?
  6. You may wish to read this article which explains our role as a service provider and not a VA.
  7. Hi Peter, This has been fixed in the latest release. George
  8. Hiya, As we haven't heard back I am assuming this bug can no longer be reproduced. If you experience this bug reliably again please raise another report that includes screenshots and detailed steps to reproduce as outlined in the thread pinned in this subforum. Many thanks George
  9. Hi Adam, Please provide a list of affected PIREP IDs and the VA they were filed under so we can investigate. George
  10. Hello, Can you still reproduce this? George
  11. It won't appear until you add an airport - just click confirm and it'll go away
  12. Depends on VA settings but on the Book Flight map you should be able to click the small red pin and jumpseat there
  13. Release 3.4.9 Phoenix Added the ability for pilots to visit a system generated link and unsubscribe from airline mass emails. Orwell Added the "Pilots: Emailable" exporter that will allow VAs to export a list of email addresses for pilots that have opted in to emails.
  14. Hi Gernot, No need to worry - these notices have already been confirmed by you. No further action is required. George
  15. Release 3.4.8 Orwell Fixed an issue that prevented VA owners from updating the forum social URL. Base flap scorer on on-blocks time, instead of pirep end time Display company average taxi in and out times in PIREP review VDS Fixes to stand assignment when updating return pair Significantly improved the flight time generation formula to use a model created based off real data. Many thanks to @Kian for his help with this. Fix allowing creation of routes with no Aircraft types selected. If none selected, we
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