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  1. We won't be updating this thread any more. Please use the new Release Notes page to see the latest changes to the platform. https://community.vamsys.io/release-notes
  2. This evening we completed an upgrade to the vAMSYS Community Forums which was the last in a series of planned outages which allows us to deliver changes to how we provide release notes (changelogs) and our knowledgebase. Forum version upgrade Probably the least significant change of the evening, we have upgraded the software powering the forums to the latest version offered by the third party provider. There should be no material change in functionality as it's just a patch release. Changelog migration Currently, our changelogs are stored in one long forum post which becomes more and more painful to maintain as we release more functionality, and is not very user friendly (as the newest releases are at the very end of the thread). We have therefore taken the opportunity to use the functionality originally designed to support the knowledgebase to also provide a better platform for our changelogs - which we have now renamed to Release Notes. The Release Notes should be much easier to browse for end users (the latest releases are shown at the top of the page) and is also much easier for Team vAMSYS to maintain - a win win for all of us! If you currently have alerts set up for when we post new comments to the old changelogs thread, you'll need to follow the release notes using the link at the top of the release notes page. The old forum post will no longer be updated. Knowledgebase migration The most significant change we have delivered is the migration (and quite significant enhancement) of the vAMSYS knowledgebase from the old Atlassian Confluence platform, which is now out-of-support and in growing need of replacement. We are pleased to announce that the most of the vAMSYS knowledgebase from the old platform (and many more new articles describing Orwell features!) are now available to browse by clicking Knowledgebase in the menu at the top. We will continue adding articles covering functionality we have not touched upon yet. The new knowledgebase is a living project and will be continuously updated to remain the number one source for information vAMSYS v3 and upcoming v4 functions. Over the coming weeks we will remove references to the old knowledgebase from the platform and supporting resources and direct members still using the old knowledgebase to the new one on this platform, in preparation for the eventual discontinuation and subsequent removal of the old knowledgebase entirely. Only VA staff and owners can view the knowledgebase - if you have any comments on the content of an article please feel free to leave it a review and let us know how you think we could improve (or what you liked). --- Thank you for bearing with us during these planned outages and we hope you like the improvements we have made to the service we offer. If you have any queries, please follow your normal support routes (escalate to your VA if you are a pilot, or if you are VA staff please contact vAMSYS Customer Services). Many thanks for your support, George and all of Team vAMSYS
  3. vAMSYS 3.8.9 Orwell [Improvement] The user that requested a callsign parameter to be added is now stored with the request. [Improvement] It is now possible to see the user that requested a callsign parameter. [Improvement] Only the user which requested the callsign parameter is contacted regarding it's status. [Improvement] It is now possible to view the IATA code of approved callsign parameters. Aeolus This release also contains additional enhancements for Aeolus, our back office administration system, which is confidential, and therefore changes to this system are not detailed in public changelogs.
  4. vAMSYS 3.8.8 Phoenix [Fix] It is now possible to unsubscribe from vAMSYS promotional emails. [Improvement] The email settings page now prototypically separates email settings into a global and VA-specific category. Orwell [Improvement] It is now possible for a VA to have access to email addresses revoked by vAMSYS staff. [Improvement] Added warning about direct emailing pilots to the pilot settings page. [Improvement] When a VA cannot access email addresses, the pilots list no longer shows this information. [Improvement] The Pilots: Emailable exporter now fails if your VA does not have access to pilot email addresses.
  5. Hi there, Please contact your VA who can forward your details to vAMSYS support. George
  6. We accept the following payment methods: Visa Mastercard American Express Discover (including Diners Club) China UnionPay JCB Cartes Bancaires Interac We do not accept PayPal.
  7. What payment methods are accepted by vAMSYS? Do you accept PayPal?
  8. Hi Alexander, I will raise a ticket in our system for this so we can get some information off you and keep it tracked through to resolution. Please look out for an email from us. Best George
  9. vAMSYS 3.8.6 This version adds initial, limited support for imperial units of cosmetic nature. Our thanks to Mike and his team over at NKS for their help. What is new: Phoenix Pilots can, in their settings, enable imperial unit conversion. Orwell VA Owners and Staff with appropriate access can set a default for new pilots to default to imperial units With the exception of the flight log, all weights will now appear in lb and not kg on Phoenix, with a conversion ratio of 2.205 applied to all metric weights. LB instead of KG is sent to SimBrief as well. PIREP Log will show these weights in selected option in future Pegasus releases. What has not changed is the Orwell side - VA Owners will still need to put in all the weights for their aircraft config (if they opted to do so) as well as scorers. We still use KG internally to score PIREPs. Ideally, we are looking to expand on this in vAMSYS v4 with the revamp of scorer setting pages. Other changes: Phoenix [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby in some cases, users would be shown the "no location set" modal for every VA, irrespective of whether a location has actually been set. (VAM-78) [Fix] When there are no unread notices remaining, the unread notice count in the navigation bar is now completely removed, instead of being set to 0, which is the prototypical behavior. [Fix] Fixed an issue where in a small number of cases, it was possible to have a negative number of unread notices. Notice debt is no longer possible. [Improvement] The "you have unread notices" message has been slightly reworded for clarity, and has also been placed in a red alert with an icon, to make it more prominent. [Improvement] The "you have unread notices" message is now removed when all outstanding notices have been acknowledged. [Fix] The "Manual SimBrief" button on the booking page now uses HTTPS when redirecting you to the SimBrief website to complete the process, which should prevent issues where a user's browser showed them warnings about an insecure connection. (VAM-103). [Fix] SimBrief Briefing button on the booking page forces the use of HTTPS when redirecting you to the SimBrief website. [Fix] Little change to flight lists to make sure they update properly (VAM-86, VAM-77). VDS [Improvement] It is no longer possible to access VDS before requesting at least one callsign parameter and having it approved. Read the manual! 🙂 (VAM-106) Orwell [Improvement] Added a note to Pilot Sharing Agreements which encourages users to contact VAs before requesting agreements. [Improvement] Added a note to importers to remind users that some third party formats are not supported by the platform. [Improvement] Option in Orwell->Airline Options to include manual PIREPs in deciding whether activity requirements have been met. This includes manual PIREPs and Transfer PIREPs with flight length greater than 0 (VAM-111) [Fix] Sometimes, jumpseats will count towards meeting activity requirement - this has now been fixed - only PIREPs who are accepted/complete satisfy activity needs. [Improvement] Pair Importers no longer have aircraft and callsign parameters as required fields (VAM-113) Vulcan [Improvement] ImageMagick has been removed. 2FA QR codes are now generated as SVGs. [Improvement] Import jobs that have been processing for longer than twelve hours are now automatically cleared by the processing system. It is no longer required to request that these are cleared by vAMSYS Customer Services. (VAM-107) Network Connectivity Service [Fix] Fixed an issue where if an account with a VATSIM or IVAO ID was merged into another account, in some cases, network connections were not stored for that user for a period of up to twelve hours. (VAM-110) Invision Service [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby, depending on the instance that served your request, some data was not synced to the Invision database correctly or at all. See publicity for VA owners for more information about steps taken to rectify this.
  10. vAMSYS 3.8.3 Phoenix [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby it was not possible to view custom pages under the "Resources" header. (VAM-83) [Refactor] Removed 'Global Register' facility - it is no longer possible to register for account under vamsys.io/register. All pilot registrations need to happen via VA register links (VAM-80) Orwell [Fix] Wrong URL in the link for Login Page on Orwell Dashboard (VAM-82) [Improvement] Attempts to create events with wrong setup of arrival/departure airports for certain types of events (Focus AIrport/Overload) will stop erroneous event creation and prevent PIREP scoring issues down the line. (VAM-69) VDS [Change] When adding/editing route, required fields are asterisked (VAM-70) Vulcan: [Fix] Get Weather issues when METAR is not available for station (VAM-66, VAM-65, VAM-62, VAM-67, VAM-64, VAM-63) [Fix] Internal error when cancelling booking which no longer exists (VAM-71) [Improvement] Various little changes and tweaks to map generation (VAM-65)
  11. vAMSYS 3.8.0 introduces no radical new features - instead, this release cycle, we have given a bit of TLC to some old functionality that could be improved (or in some cases, didn't work properly). The biggest change in this release is that we have completely rewritten Alert Management in Orwell - from the ground up. This change brings it in line with other modern components of the vAMSYS system - it's now a Vue component, which in simple terms means it is much easier to navigate and use, and removes the need for lengthy page refreshes when information is modified. We have also removed support for raw HTML input in Alert Management. This is part of our "Secure-By-Design" project - part of which will, over the next few months, completely remove support for raw HTML inputs across the entire platform. If you are a VA owner, please see upcoming publicity in the vAMSYS Discord server regarding this change. We've also added support for the force airline parameter which allows you to link to your VA specific pages without having to add disclaimers about which VA pilots must have selected. As with all our releases, vAMSYS 3.8.0 also contains several bugfixes, performance improvements, cosmetic improvements and various quality of life improvements for existing functionality. There's much more to see - including some more features, so as always, for information on the entire list of things included in this update please see the detailed changelog here: Please continue to report bugs via the usual channels. If you are a VA pilot, please escalate bugs via your VA. If you are VA staff, please report any issues to vAMSYS Customer Services. vAMSYS would like to thank @Stephan Oschmann, @Jan Podlipský and @Kian for reporting bugs that were fixed in this release, or suggesting new ideas that were implemented. Thanks for flying vAMSYS!
  12. vAMSYS 3.8.0 added the functionality to allow the "force airline" parameter. This allows any request to vAMSYS to have an optional parameter appended to the URL which will force the session to fall under your VA before further page logic is processed. How do I add this to my links? Take a simple link - for example, https://vamsys.io/resources/mycustompage. Ordinarily, this would result in a 404 if a user accessed it via any airline other than yours, which could cause confusion among your pilots, especially if they are a member of multiple VAs. Not to worry though - we just need to add the force airline parameter to the URL: https://vamsys.io/resources/mycustompage?select=ABC. This will force the user, when navigating to this page, to have my airline (in this case, the airline with the prefix ABC) selected - and they will be able to access the page. How does this work? For information on how this process works, see the following flow chart:
  13. I want to link to pages on vAMSYS under my airline (for example, the notices page, or a resource I have created in the Page Editor) however it causes errors or does not work if my pilots do not have my airline selected before they navigate to the link! What is the correct way for me to link to pages on vAMSYS so that it works reliably?
  14. vAMSYS 3.8.0 vAMSYS 3.8.0 includes a complete rewrite of Alerts Management. Alerts and notices are now all contained under the "Announcements" category in order to prepare for upcoming functionality additions to the platform. For more details, please see the release announcement here: As usual, the full changelog has been reproduced below. Phoenix [Improvement] The unread notices indicator in the navigation bar now decreases accordingly when you read a notice, and does not require a page refresh to update. [Feature] It is now possible to append "?select=XXX" to any URL, where XXX is your three-letter airline ICAO code, to force users to have this airline selected when loading the page. [Feature] If the "Suppress events until started" option is selected in Orwell, event pins will not be shown until the event has actually begun. (VAM-72) [Feature] If the "Suppress focus airports until started" option is selected in Orwell, focus airport pins will not be shown until the event has actually begun. (VAM-72) [Improvement] Data on in progress bookings provided from the Flight Repository (for the dashboard, or flight map) is now cached for one minute. It may take up to one minute, therefore, to appear on maps and lists after you start flying. [Improvement] The Flight Repository now uses a helper method to fetch in-progress bookings, which reduces duplicate code. [Improvement] When dispatching a flight, the "departure time" field is now populated with a sensible default time (30 minutes after the current time, or the time of the latest flight booked by that user that they are yet to fly, whichever is later). This is in an effort to reduce erroneous data in areas such as the flight list on the dashboard. (VAM-58) [Improvement] Links in alerts are now styled appropriately and are legible against the background. There is now no need to apply custom CSS to change the colour of links to make them legible. Orwell [Feature] Added the "Suppress events until started" and "Suppress focus airports until started" options to Map Settings, under Airline Options. (VAM-72) [Refactor] The "Notifications" section has been renamed to "Announcements" and the links to the subsections have been refactored accordingly. [Improvement] The links to "Importers" and "Exporters" under "Data" now have appropriate icons. [Improvement] Alert Management has been completely rewritten and is now a Vue component. [Improvement] Alert Management now uses a new WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. [Fix; Secure-By-Design] It is no longer possible to place raw HTML inside an alert. This is a security feature to prevent cross-site scripting attacks (known as XSS) which the previous system was somewhat vulnerable to. [Improvement] Links in alerts are now styled appropriately and are legible against the background. There is now no need to apply custom CSS to change the colour of links to make them legible. Vulcan [Refactor] Laravel Scout and the TNTSearch driver have been removed, as they are no longer required. (VAM-74) [Improvement] After purging old bookings, the system will now remove any dispatches that have been started but not completed that are older than three days. This means that once you start the booking process, you have three days to complete the process before the "stale" dispatch is removed. You then have a further three days to complete the flight before the booking is removed, and you must start over. [Improvement] Airline statistics are now generated with independent jobs. [Improvement] Airline statistics jobs are now run on their own queue, which prevents them getting "stuck" behind other jobs, or other jobs getting "stuck" behind these jobs, as they take a long time. [Improvement] Up to two sets of airline statistics can now be generated at once. [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby in some cases statistics for airlines' statistics API were not being generated daily, or at all. [Refactor] The statistics generation Artisan command has been removed, as it is no longer required. [Refactor] The statistics generation Artisan command is no longer run daily, as it has been deprecated in favour of statistics jobs. [Feature] Statistics jobs are now executed daily at 0230 to populate the airline statistics API. [Improvement] Airline statistics are now generated by the Statistics Repository. [Fix] Fixed an issue where in some cases airline statistics generated for the API did not match those shown to VA staff on the Orwell dashboard. [Refactor] The search queue has been removed, as it is no longer required. Invision Service [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby new users were not being created in the Invision database, which prevented them from authenticating with the forums. [Fix] Fixed an issue whereby some users could not authenticate with the Invision forums as the account information held about them was incorrect. [Fix] Fixed an issue where in some cases the Invision Service would attempt to sync deleted users, and the user sync job then failed. vAMSYS would like to thank @Stephan Oschmann, @Jan Podlipský and @Kian for reporting bugs that were fixed in this release, or suggesting new ideas that were implemented.
  15. Hi there! smartCARS isn't supported any more 🙂 Instead, you should download Pegasus. It can be downloaded from https://vamsys.io/resources/pegasus and allows you to fly for all of your vAMSYS VAs.
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