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Vision by vAMSYS - Idea Suggestions

Lukas Jankauskas

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Submitting an idea or feature request

vAMSYS VA owners (or their staff) are able to request the addition of new functionality to the platform. Previously this was accomplished via a dedicated "ideas" platform, however in order to consolidate information on changes to the platform we have moved this process also to Vision. Feature requests are created as ideas.



Please note that access to Vision by vAMSYS is via Vamsys SSO with your vAMSYS credentials, and is limited to Team vAMSYS, Virtual Airline Owners and their Staff. Users should be aware, that when raising an idea, they do so on behalf of all VAs they are Owners or Staff at and corresponding number of +1s will be applied.

When requesting functionality we suggest you follow these tips:

  • Be clear and concise, but include the required details.
  • Tell us why this change would benefit your VA.
  • If you have any ideas about how the feature would work, then please include them! Even if our implementation is slightly different, this is helpful for us.

To request new functionality is included in the platform, follow these instructions:



  1. Search for the feature request on Vision! If it has already been created, you may wish to add a comment expressing your support. See Supporting a feature request for more information.
  2. Choose Idea on the left hand side.
  3. Enter a brief Title for your idea - something which describes your feature in one sentence (without being too general i.e. 'My Amazing Idea'). 
  4. Select the Category the feature relates to (try and select the most specific component that the idea describes; if there is no component or if the bug affects several components then select "Other"; if your feature request would add a new component, then please select the category that would "contain" this new one if possible)
  5. Enter the details of the suggestion in the description field, including
    1. A more detailed reinstatement of the summary.
    2. What group of people within your VA this change would benefit, and why.
    3. Roughly what proportion of your VAs users (or staff, if this is a request for staff-only functionality) the change would benefit.
    4. Any background relating to the change request. For example, did you previously have this functionality on another platform? Any suggestions on how it would work? What data it uses and from where?
    5. Any additional information you think would be pertinent.
  6. Double check your suggestion for any errors or omissions then press Submit.

Supporting a feature request

It is now again possible to support ideas by +1. However, the 'votes' are applied by VAs, not users. Hence it is not possible to get entire staff team to vote to push the idea up. 

When deciding on what to tackle next - we look at several things - our time, requests in the system, our own ideas and urgency. Just because idea suggestion has a lot of votes and comments, it does not mean it will be the one to be implemented next. There is no direct relationship between "votes", comments and implementation, and instead the entire request (including comments and votes) will be reviewed holistically in order to gauge popularity.

Therefore, if this functionality will benefit your VA, we invite you to both +1 and leave a comment on the feature request explaining why your VA would also like the feature implemented. This need not be any longer than a couple of sentences, but you may wish to (and of course, you are welcome to) elaborate further, for example if you have further suggestions or requirements for the implementation.

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