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Vision by vAMSYS - Bug Reports

Lukas Jankauskas

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We try and keep the bugs in the platform to a minimum, but the extensiveness of it and the wide variety of use cases means it is almost inevitable that at some point you will experience a bug. This article describes how to report bugs accurately and correctly so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

Submitting a good bug report

When reporting bugs. try and follow these general principles:

  • Be precise - remember we don't see what you can see, so we need to have precise information in order to find the bug in the first place!
  • Be clear - explain the bug so it can be reproduced
  • One bug per report
  • No bug is too trivial - small bugs may hide big bugs
  • Clearly separate fact from speculation

and some preliminaries:

  • Check before you report the bug that you can reproduce it - it may have been fixed
  • Search to see if the bug has already been reported!

If you've reproduced the bug and can't find it on Vision already, then this is how you can go about reporting a new issue.



  1. Choose Bug on the left hand side.
  2. Enter a brief Title for your bug- something which describes the bug in one sentence (without being too general i.e. 'Oh no VA Broken'). 
  3. Select the Category the bug relates to (try and select the most specific one to the bug you are describing. 
  4. Select the Component the bug relates to (try and select the most specific component that the bug describes; if there is no component or if the bug affects several components then select "General")
  5. Enter the details of the problem report in the description field, including
    1. A more detailed reinstatement of the summary.
    2. Steps to reproduce the bug including the URL of the page the bug occurs on.
    3. Actual results (what the application did when you performed the steps)
    4. Expected results (what the application should have done if the bug was not present)
    5. Any other useful information - for example - if it only applies to one VA - note which one.
  6. Double check your bug report for any errors or omissions then press Submit.

Your bug is now in the database, and is awaiting triage in the OPEN state. You will receive emails when the status of the bug changes.

You can always leave comments on a bug if you wish for additional information to be noted, or edit the bug.

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