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Gears Down for a Festive Landing: Celebrating 2023

Lukas Jankauskas

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  • vAMSYS Platform Administrator

As we taxi towards the end of another remarkable year, all of us at Team vAMSYS are filled with gratitude and excitement. It's been a year of soaring high and covering great distances both for us and for you. Your unwavering support and dedication has been the key to our shared success this year.

A Year in the Sky:
This year, the virtual airspace turned into a buzzing hub of activity like never before. An incredible 440,000 PIREPs were filed - that's about 1,205 PIREPs daily, proof that your communities are as lively as a 24/7 airport terminal. Your virtual pilots have been racking up flight hours like seasoned captains - a testament to the vibrant and dynamic world you helped create for the ever-increasing number of pilots who chose to fly for your Virtual Airlines.

Speaking of flight hours, with a whopping 900,643 hours logged – your pilots have practically been in the air since the Wright brothers first took off! It’s also long enough to watch the entire "Airplane!" movie series about 60,000 times!

And let's talk about the distance - an astounding 171,255,449 nautical miles flown. That’s enough to make even the most seasoned globe-trotter’s head spin. In fact, your Virtual Airlines have logged enough miles to reach the International Space Station over 7,000 times!

Innovation on the Horizon:
As we approach 2024, our commitment to innovation and enhancing the virtual airline experience for both pilots and Virtual Airline Staff is at full throttle. The new year promises exciting changes, ensuring that our journey together continues to be engaging and groundbreaking.

We’re excited to confirm that, weather permitting, the vAMSYS v5 open beta for Owners and Staff is preparing for landing before the year's end. We're currently navigating through the final checks and fine-tuning a few remaining tasks. As many of you have seen in our Discord, our progress is on a steady clim. Your ideas and active engagement with each new sneak peek have been critical in making this possible – thank you for being such an integral part of our control tower!

With Gratitude:
Your choice to use vAMSYS and your active participation in our ongoing development have been pivotal in our journey this year. Your feedback, suggestions, bug reports or just off-topic chat have served as inspiration and a relief in our long-charting the course towards v5.

As most of you gear up for the festive season and prepare for your final approach into 2024, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support. To the Owners, Staff and my friends at Team vAMSYS - You are the jet fuel that makes it all possible.

Happy Holidays and Blue Skies,

Lukas Jankauskas
The vAMSYS Team


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