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vAMSYS 3.9.0: Advanced Cargo System

Lukas Jankauskas

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  • vAMSYS Platform Administrator

vAMSYS 3.9.0 should be the last minor v3 release adding new functionality. 3.9.0 introduces long awaited and much requested advanced cargo system. Our huge thanks goes to the team at Cargolux Virtual for their request and their help in fleshing out the feature.

We consider Advance Cargo System feature complete from v3 standpoint. There might be some bug-fixes and minor changes, but we consider it to be a good start. The system will be expanded in v4 and some of the functionality will be made available for PAX airlines as well.


We have posted a detailed article about what the system is, how to enable said system and configure it. Please be sure to follow it meticulously if you are interested.


Please continue to report bugs via the usual channels. If you are a VA pilot, please escalate bugs via your VA. If you are VA staff, please report any issues to vAMSYS Customer Services.

Thanks for flying vAMSYS!

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