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For information: Changes to the forums, new changelogs, new knowledgebase

George Peppard

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This evening we completed an upgrade to the vAMSYS Community Forums which was the last in a series of planned outages which allows us to deliver changes to how we provide release notes (changelogs) and our knowledgebase.

Forum version upgrade

Probably the least significant change of the evening, we have upgraded the software powering the forums to the latest version offered by the third party provider. There should be no material change in functionality as it's just a patch release.

Changelog migration

Currently, our changelogs are stored in one long forum post which becomes more and more painful to maintain as we release more functionality, and is not very user friendly (as the newest releases are at the very end of the thread). We have therefore taken the opportunity to use the functionality originally designed to support the knowledgebase to also provide a better platform for our changelogs - which we have now renamed to Release Notes.

The Release Notes should be much easier to browse for end users (the latest releases are shown at the top of the page) and is also much easier for Team vAMSYS to maintain - a win win for all of us!

If you currently have alerts set up for when we post new comments to the old changelogs thread, you'll need to follow the release notes using the link at the top of the release notes page. The old forum post will no longer be updated.

Knowledgebase migration

The most significant change we have delivered is the migration (and quite significant enhancement) of the vAMSYS knowledgebase from the old Atlassian Confluence platform, which is now out-of-support and in growing need of replacement. We are pleased to announce that the most of the vAMSYS knowledgebase from the old platform (and many more new articles describing Orwell features!) are now available to browse by clicking Knowledgebase in the menu at the top. We will continue adding articles covering functionality we have not touched upon yet.

The new knowledgebase is a living project and will be continuously updated to remain the number one source for information vAMSYS v3 and upcoming v4 functions.

Over the coming weeks we will remove references to the old knowledgebase from the platform and supporting resources and direct members still using the old knowledgebase to the new one on this platform, in preparation for the eventual discontinuation and subsequent removal of the old knowledgebase entirely.

Only VA staff and owners can view the knowledgebase - if you have any comments on the content of an article please feel free to leave it a review and let us know how you think we could improve (or what you liked).


Thank you for bearing with us during these planned outages and we hope you like the improvements we have made to the service we offer. If you have any queries, please follow your normal support routes (escalate to your VA if you are a pilot, or if you are VA staff please contact vAMSYS Customer Services).

Many thanks for your support,
George and all of Team vAMSYS

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George Peppard
Systems and Infrastructure Advisor to vAMSYS, ex-Infrastructure Director

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