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Global Forum Rules

George Peppard

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vAMSYS Community Forums
Global Forum Rules

The global forum rules set out the rules and regulations all users of the vAMSYS Community Forums must follow. It also provides rules that apply in VA-managed sub forums that do not speculate their own set of rules.

The global forum rules are upheld by the platform administration team, and the team of community moderators, which may be viewed on the staff page.

In this document, the following terms may be used.

  • admins, global admins, platform admins or developers may be used to refer to the vAMSYS Platform Administrators
  • mods, moderators, global mods, global moderators, support team, community team, community moderators, community support team may be used to refer to the vAMSYS Community Support Team
  • VA moderators, VA mods, VA-appointed mods, VA forum managers may be used to refer to members of staff that VAs have appointed to manage their own sub forums


Global Forum Rules

The global forum rules apply equally across all parts of this site, including VA managed subforums. Membership of this site is also bound by the vAMSYS Terms and Conditions, available at https://vamsys.io/legal/tc.

  1. It is forbidden to reference, provide, or link to, malware (including adware) or software that is designed to or may cause harm to a users' computer.
  2. It is forbidden to reference, provide, or link to pirated software or other items.
  3. We do not allow advertising of other VA management solutions - whether or not they directly compete with vAMSYS.

We reserve the right to, in our sole discretion and without notice or liability, deny access to and use of the site (including blocking certain IP addresses), to any person for any reason including without limitation for breach of these rules, or any condition laid out in the vAMSYS Terms and Conditions.

George Peppard
Systems and Infrastructure Advisor to vAMSYS, ex-Infrastructure Director

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