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vAMSYS 3.7.0: Welcome (back) to the community

George Peppard

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If you read the announcements on the previous forum, you would remember the big deal we made about this website becoming available. Well, with the changes made in vAMSYS 3.7.0, it's back and even better than before.

vAMSYS 3.7.0 makes fundamental changes to the way forum/downloads sections are provisioned and managed. Many aspects of the running of the forum are now in the hands of the VA staff - this reduces the level of intervention needed from vAMSYS Customer Services in order to modify certain aspects of the forum.

VA owners (or staff with access to the Management area of Orwell) can now access Invision Management. Invision Management (or Forum Management in the menu) is the all new way for VAs to manage their forums and downloads sections. It allows you to create and rename both subforums and downloads categories. It also allows you to toggle whether the parent downloads section is writeable (by VA pilots, not just moderators) or not.

This release also adds the Forum Moderator permission to Orwell. Members of VA staff that have this permission flag will automatically be synced as forum moderators for your VA by the Invision Service. This means that in addition to being able to set up your forum by yourself, you will not be required to submit a ticket to vAMSYS Customer Services to modify these permissions.

Finally, vAMSYS 3.7.0 includes several other changes, such as fixes for some VDS issues and issues where some pilots could not submit claims. In addition, we have completely removed the legacy pilot search functionality - Pilot Search v3 (now referred to as simply Pilot Search) is now the only way to query the pilots database for your VA.

This release also includes general performance enhancements, bugfixes, and quality of life improvements to other functionality.

As always, you can view the detailed changelog at the following link:

Thank you for flying vAMSYS!

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George Peppard
Systems and Infrastructure Advisor to vAMSYS, ex-Infrastructure Director

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