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What is vAMSYS, and why don't you have a list of VAs?

George Peppard
Message added by George Peppard,

This is a post from vAMSYS staff which aims to answer a common/frequently raised question, or addresses a common misconception.


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What is vAMSYS?

vAMSYS is the Virtual Airline Management System. We're the leading VA management solution by users and featurebase in the industry and we provide hosting and second line support services for over 60 virtual airlines (and counting) - which your VA might be one of.

vAMSYS is a service provider that provides support to paying customers (i.e. the VAs that are hosted on our platform). We're also responsible for the maintenance of common account details (such as name or email address) and other details that is related to you as a user, and not as a VA pilot. For pilots, we provide a convenient way to join multiple VAs with the same credentials.

vAMSYS is not in itself a virtual airline or an alliance of airlines. We do not provide first-line support to VA pilots. We are not responsible for rejected flights or PIREPs, the route network on the VAs we host, VA policies or the appointment and management of the staff of each VA. We also can't intervene on most data held regarding a VA without permission from VA management (even if we did want to accept your PIREP - we can't!). We also cannot reinstate your pilot account if it has been removed.

For the purposes of data protection legislation, when you provide your information on the vAMSYS website, vAMSYS LTD is the data controller. We share your data with VAs you are a member of for the purposes of them providing a service to you. You can find more details in the vAMSYS Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, at https://vamsys.io/legal

Why we don't have a list of all VAs

Many users misinterpret vAMSYS as a platform for advertising VAs, or think that vAMSYS operates or has a say in the management of the VAs that use our platform. This is simply not the case.

By us choosing to show you VAs you are not a member of, we would cross a very distinct line between being a service provider and an advertiser. The former we are, the latter we are not.

But why do you show me VAs on the select page I am not a member of? - we hear you ask. It's very important to note that the VAs shown to you are not because vAMSYS has chosen to do so, or because we "favour" certain VAs. VAs shown to you on the select page are shown as one or more of the VAs you are a member of has a "pilot sharing agreement" with the VA being offered to you. VAs choose what other VAs to advertise - not vAMSYS.

George Peppard
Systems and Infrastructure Advisor to vAMSYS, ex-Infrastructure Director

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