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How Account Merge system works?

Lukas Jankauskas


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  • vAMSYS Platform Administrator

Account merge feature is intended to be used by pilots who have multiple user accounts.

For example, I have 2 user accounts - one under a@domain.com, second - b@domain.com.
User a@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0002, ABC1249.
User b@domain.com has pilot accounts VAM0004, DEF1587.

Instead of maintaining 2 accounts and 2 logins, I can opt to merge them into 1 login under same email.


How to merge 2 User Accounts?

  1. Login using your 'main' account - main account is the one you wish to retain - in my example, it is a@domain.com.
  2. Navigate to My Settings -> Merge User Accounts Section
  3. Enter email address of the secondary account - this account will be merged into main account and will stop existing. In my example, I will put b@domain.com
  4. Click 'Submit Merge Request'
  5. Login to the email of the secondary account (b@domain.com) and approve the merge.
  6. vAMSYS will merge the two accounts in under an hour.

How does the Merge combine pilot accounts?

Depending on Virtual Airline Settings, few things may happen:

  • If you have 2 Pilot Accounts - 1 for each User (VAM0002 and VAM0004 in my example):
    • If VA has 'Pilot Merge - Discard Previous Data' enabled:
      All data from VAM0004 will be discarded; VAM0002 will remain.
    • If VA has 'Pilot Merge - Discard Previous Data' disabled:
      All data (bookings, PIREPs, Comments etc.) will be transferred from VAM0004 to to VAM0002 and VAM0004 will be deleted.
  • If your 2 user accounts do not share pilot accounts with same VA:
    Pilot account will be moved from one user, to the other. In my example - DEF1587 will move from user a@domain.com to b@domain.com.

At the end of the merge, using the example above, I will no longer be able to login using b@domain.com - that user will be deleted.
My user a@domain.com will contain pilot accounts for VAM0002, ABC1249 and DEF1587.


Can Virtual Airline Merge the accounts for me?

No, Virtual Airline Staff do not have the ability to combine your user accounts.

They can, however, merge pilot accounts which belong to their VA between two users.

To do that, VA Staff with prerequisite permissions need to navigate to Orwell -> Pilots -> Merge Accounts and follow the instructions there.

If you are a VA Owner or Staff, do not use any of the merge options, else you will lose your staff permissions. Please contact us if you need to merge such account.

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