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vAMSYS 3.8.0: Giving old functionality some love

George Peppard

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vAMSYS 3.8.0 introduces no radical new features - instead, this release cycle, we have given a bit of TLC to some old functionality that could be improved (or in some cases, didn't work properly).

The biggest change in this release is that we have completely rewritten Alert Management in Orwell - from the ground up. This change brings it in line with other modern components of the vAMSYS system - it's now a Vue component, which in simple terms means it is much easier to navigate and use, and removes the need for lengthy page refreshes when information is modified.

We have also removed support for raw HTML input in Alert Management. This is part of our "Secure-By-Design" project - part of which will, over the next few months, completely remove support for raw HTML inputs across the entire platform. If you are a VA owner, please see upcoming publicity in the vAMSYS Discord server regarding this change.

We've also added support for the force airline parameter which allows you to link to your VA specific pages without having to add disclaimers about which VA pilots must have selected.

As with all our releases, vAMSYS 3.8.0 also contains several bugfixes, performance improvements, cosmetic improvements and various quality of life improvements for existing functionality. There's much more to see - including some more features, so as always, for information on the entire list of things included in this update please see the detailed changelog here:

Please continue to report bugs via the usual channels. If you are a VA pilot, please escalate bugs via your VA. If you are VA staff, please report any issues to vAMSYS Customer Services.

vAMSYS would like to thank @Stephan Oschmann, @Jan Podlipský and @Kian for reporting bugs that were fixed in this release, or suggesting new ideas that were implemented.

Thanks for flying vAMSYS!

George Peppard
Systems and Infrastructure Advisor to vAMSYS, ex-Infrastructure Director

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